Happy hour? Beer tasting? Holiday party?

Whether you need a couple cases of wine dropped off, a seasonal beer tasting with clients, or want to throw a specialty party with a certified bartender, we can bring the booze for the party of the year.

With experience in the hospitality and service industries, VIBE knows how to put on a good party. Some clients have weekly happy hours, some clients need us just once a month, and some clients want to throw one really big, worry-free launch party.

Because we never make you sign a contract, the flexibility and event style is completely up to you.

We offer two pricing structures for our events, depending on what you're looking for.

For when you only want a couple cases of beer dropped off in a nice cooler or a champagne toast for 100 people.


For when you have 300 guests with a mix of beer and wine and don't trust anyone at work to pour their own glasses.

Interested in having a VIBE event?

Send an email to info@vibecarolina.com with the following:

Company Name
Date of event
Estimated headcount
Beer? Wine? Both?
Bartender needed on site?

How we stay fresh and innovative

Modernizing "the watering hole" provides an exclusive environment to develop fresh ideas into innovations.

We order curated craft selections specifically for each client with delivery, installation, and maintenance included.