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Cold Brew Deliver Services

Enhancing company culture, Cold Brew delivery to your office provides a premium, energizing beverage option that encourages social interaction and supports a vibrant, productivity-boosting workplace atmosphere, contributing to higher employee engagement and a stronger sense of community.

Amp Up Company Culture with Cold Brew

We partner with Central Coffee Co. to bring you Charlotte based exclusive and limited-edition flavors.

With our cold brew coffee delivery coming straight to your office, we're sure employee productivity will get an jolt of energy. 

VIBE NC's mission is to deliver the beverages you want with the service you deserve.

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Experience the difference. Nitro cold brew is infused with nitrogen, creating a silky-smooth texture and a naturally sweet flavor without any added sugar. Or opt for regular cold brew if Nitro isn't your thing! Wither way, it's the perfect pick-me-up for coffee lovers who crave a bold, refreshing, and energizing experience.  Choose Vibe Carolina for all your cold brew coffee office needs.

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Convenience at Your Fingertips

Our cold brew coffee delivery service is designed for ultimate convenience. Say goodbye to the hassle of frequent coffee shop visits to replenish your supply. With our Charlotte-based delivery, you can effortlessly explore a wide range of cold brew options from your office. VIBE NC ensures you enjoy the simplicity of having your favorite cold brew delivered right to your workplace—just pick your preferred variety!

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Expanding Choice and Accessibility

Elevate your office breakroom with nitro cold brew's smooth, energizing taste. It's the perfect pick-me-up to fuel productivity and creativity. Our convenient delivery service keeps your fridge stocked with delicious, ready-to-drink nitro cold brew, eliminating the need for messy brewing equipment. Treat your team to a cafe-quality experience without leaving the office.

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Supporting Local Businesses

Cold-brew coffee delivery isn't just about convenience—it's also about supporting local businesses and communities. Our cold-brew coffee delivery services in Charlotte partner with Central Coffee Co to offer a curated selection of locally brewed cold-brew coffee. By purchasing cold brew through VIBE NC, you directly support Central Coffee Co. and help contribute to the growth of the small businesses in the Charlotte area.

We give 110% to our job so you can give 110% to yours.

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Increased Productivity

Nitro cold brew delivers a smooth, energizing caffeine boost that fuels focus and productivity in the workplace. Its unique brewing process creates a naturally sweeter, less acidic coffee, so employees can skip the sugar and additives. With convenient delivery right to the office, employees can easily grab a can and get back to work, avoiding the distractions and time sinks of traditional coffee runs.

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Healthier Option

Nitro cold brew offers a healthier alternative to traditional coffee in the workplace. Its natural sweetness from the nitrogen infusion means employees use less sugar and creamer. The cold brewing process creates a less acidic coffee, gentler on sensitive stomachs. Plus, nitro cold brew is often served black, eliminating unnecessary calories and fat found in sugary, milky coffee drinks.

Elevating Workplace Refreshments for Innovation

At VIBE NC, we redefine traditional office refreshments, fostering an environment where fresh ideas flourish into innovations. By sourcing curated craft selections tailored to each client's preferences and providing comprehensive delivery, installation, and maintenance services, we ensure that your workplace stays vibrant, dynamic, and ready for creativity to thrive.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With VIBE's Beverage Solutions

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Elevate your workplace efficiency to new heights with VIBE NC's beverage solutions, carefully curated to fuel your team's productivity. From hassle-free delivery to a diverse selection of refreshing beverages, we ensure your office stays energized and focused throughout the day. Get ready to transform your workplace culture while maximizing productivity with VIBE NC's innovative beverage offerings.

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