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Event Services

VIBE NC's Event Services provides exceptional beverage solutions for corporate events of all sizes. From office parties to conferences, our team is dedicated to ensuring that every aspect of your event's refreshments is handled with professionalism and flair. 

Happy hour? Beer tasting? Holiday party?

Whether you need a couple cases of wine dropped off, a seasonal beer tasting with clients, or want to throw a specialty party with a certified bartender, we can bring the booze for the party of the year.

Event office party

VIBE has Your Next Corporate Event Covered

With experience in the hospitality and service industries, VIBE knows how to put on a good party. Some clients have weekly happy hours, some clients need us just once a month, and some clients want to throw one really big, worry-free launch party.

Because we never make you sign a contract, the flexibility and event style is completely up to you.

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A la Carte

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For when you only want a couple cases of beer dropped off in a nice cooler or a champagne toast for 100 people.

Each event has a different vibe to it. I mean, we get it. It's in our name. There is no "standard" event at VIBE because we don't have a standard client. We can stick to just beer, if you're interested, or add on some wine bottles to elevate the traditional "beers after work". Let us know how many people are coming and we can help you with the quantity. 


The goal of our a la carte menu curation is to keep excess product low. This is for offices that already have taps at the office and don't need more beer laying around or taking up space in the shared fridge.

The good news is you have dibs on whatever is leftover!

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Price Per Head

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For when you have 300 guests with a mix of beer and wine and don't trust anyone at work to pour their own glasses.

We ask for an estimated headcount so we can bring the perfect amount of alcohol... plus some. We always like to overestimate a little so the party doesn't run dry. When you send an estimated headcount, it's always best to overestimate so everyone can have a second drink.


When VIBE hosts your event, we do it all. We deliver the product, completely set up the drinks, and return the next day to pick up leftover product and event supplies. If your party needs a certified bartender, we have someone who can guide tastings or pour drinks.


Price per head events are hands-on for us and hands-off for our clients. Just tell us when to show up and we'll handle the rest. You deserve to party too!

Elevate your next office party or corporate event to the next level with VIBE. From simple a la carte to white glove service, we got you!

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Host Your Next Corporate Event with Less Stress

Let VIBE NC take care of the refreshments, so you can focus on what truly matters – creating memorable moments and fostering connections at your corporate event. With our comprehensive event services, you'll enjoy seamless planning, impeccable service, and a selection of curated beverages sure to impress your guests.

Get Ready to Maximize Your Productivity With VIBE's Beverage Solutions

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Elevate your workplace efficiency to new heights with VIBE NC's beverage solutions, carefully curated to fuel your team's productivity. From hassle-free delivery to a diverse selection of refreshing beverages, we ensure your office stays energized and focused throughout the day. Get ready to transform your workplace culture while maximizing productivity with VIBE NC's innovative beverage offerings.

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